Logos“Fremantle Council Renewable Energy Evaluation / Windpods Product Announcement”

Fremantle Council and Windpods International would like to announce the installation of a 1kW Windpods wind turbine system on the roof of Council Chambers in William Street Fremantle. This marks Windpods’ first commercial installation and is providing Fremantle Council the opportunity to evaluate new breakthrough technology for potential use in upcoming projects. Windpods were invented by local Fremantle resident Graeme Attey, with early development conducted in and around Fremantle and UWA’s wind tunnel.

ImageAn enthusiastic adopter of sustainable initiatives and practices, former Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri embraced the concept of Winpods saying: “This is 21st Century, Fremantle-developed technology that will revolutionise harvesting the wind to create renewable energy for homes. “Windpods will be another tool used by individuals to combat climate change and reduce the carbon footprint,” he said.
Recently elected Fremantle Mayor and Murdoch University Dean of Sustainability, Brad Pettitt, said that the Fremantle Council was proud to be part of Windpods’ first commercial installation. “We look forward to seeing this fantastic technology used widely across the City in coming years as Fremantle continues to be a lead in environmental sustainability,” he said. (Pictured above with inventor Graeme Attey).
Windpods Inventor Graeme Attey, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to see the first commercial units installed at Fremantle Council.  As a local resident having developed the prototypes right here in Fremantle and receiving early funding from the WA government via SEDO, it was a high priority for me to launch the product here. As we install other projects around the world, Fremantle can lay claim to inventing, developing and installing this breakthrough technology. As sustainable energy options become more and more critical, Windpods are a product that can be used on suburban family homes right through to commercial, industrial and even large scale wind farms. I look forward to continuing my work with Council and new Mayor Brad Pettitt plus special thanks to former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri for his support and vision.”

About Windpods

Windpods are a new breakthrough wind turbine technology. Just 4 units have a capacity of 2kW, and can provide up to 50% of a family home’s energy needs. Traditional windmill style turbines have been unable to find success in residential environments due to high noise and vibration issues. Windpods patented “blades” and “deflector” technologies practically eliminates noise and vibration problems and make installations in built-up environments more practical. The unique aerodynamic configuration also allows Windpods to spin faster than the prevailing wind speed and produce power with high efficiency.

ImageWhilst designed in a slim-line horizontal configuration for domestic use, Windpods can be installed vertically and even on angles.  This provides architects with the opportunity to design Windpods into buildings, walls, bridges and landscaping to create interesting applications specific to their aesthetic requirements.

The residential systems will retail at $4500 per 1kW plus installation. Installation of Windpods is similar to solar PV, requiring an inverter and cabling to return energy to the grid. Installation is estimated at $3000 per 1kW or around $7500 per 1kW fully installed. Consumers may also apply for RECS rebates saving a further $1500-$2000. Further announcements on the availability of domestic units will be made ahead of the planned  mid 2010 release  including information regarding hybrid installations of both Windpods and solar PV.

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