Windpods Wall ImageProduct Enquiries

Following is some general information:

Commercial availability: currently installing larger commercial projects only.

Residential availability: Not currently available. In development.

Self installation: Not available at this time.

Price (Estimated): $4,500.00 per kW plus installation.

Estimated installation cost (Estimated): $2,500.00 to $3,000.00, including inverter, framing and cabling back to grid.

Inverter: Windpods Custom Controller (awaiting certification and price confirmation). Windpods are not compatible with solar pv inverters.

Rebates: Varies by country where available.

Solar PV/Windpods hybrid systems: Not at this time. Windpods are not compatible with solar pv inverters.

Licensing and distribution: Preference given to larger companies with experience in renewables.

Windpods international availability: international/regional specification models currently under development and testing.



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