Windpods Technology

Winpods are a ‘start from scratch’ purpose-built design approach to urban wind power covering several different design aspects unique to Winpods that are critical to urban wind performance.

Deflector Plate Effects

Asymmetric Curved Aerofoil Blades Image

Although each Windpods blade cross-section shape is a full aerofoil, the foil is shaped and positioned in such a way as to provide a dual drag AND lift operational effect.  In very light winds, the foils catch the wind in the same way as a drag-type Savonius rotor and provide easy starting.  However, once the turbine gains sufficient RPM the rotor starts to act as a lift type device (spins faster than wind speed) with the TSR (Tip Speed Ratio) typically running between 1.5 and 2.

Deflector/Concentrator edges.   DLI made a performance breakthrough by discovering that not only did roof-top ridge-lines concentrate wind into the turbine, but also provide other critical performance enhancements. As a result, roof apex lines and building corners not only provide structurally practical mounting points but also significantly improve turbine performance.

Traditional Horizontal Axis Wind turbines (HAWTS) usually involve a higher cost to mount in urban environments than to purchase the HAWT in the first place.  However, the size and shape of Winpods makes them easy to mount on buildings and keeps the overall cost down to a very low, economically attractive range.

Other key characteristics of Winpods include :

• Extremely low noise and vibration.
• Able to operate vertically, horizontally or any angle in-between.
• Able to operate efficiently in gusty and turbulent winds such as typically found in urban environments.
• Able to be modularly mounted onto buildings at low cost in a location where wind is at highest concentration.
• Excellent power production per dollar of cost.
• Slender, elongated tubes of only 0.45m diameter.
• Being only 450mm diameter, should not require Council planning approvals.

Safe to birds.  Turbines that are dangerous to birds have no frame surround and feature fast spinning, thin blades. Winpods have more moderate tip speed ratios and larger, smooth blades and are visually more obvious to birds.  In addition, Windpods turbines are surrounded by a relatively large, static frame that further deters birds and animals. If specifically required Windpods can be fitted with a mesh cover guard however there is a small impact on performance.

In cyclones and extremely strong winds, the Winpods electronic control system slows the turbine to a stop, protecting it from damage.

Life-span.  The only moving parts are bearings and these have a design life of greater than 17 years.  Replacement of bearings after this time is simple and low cost.


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